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debut ep by thomas collins.


released June 22, 2011

Andrew Nichols - vocals
Abraham Quezada - production
Vocal Engineering - Gabe Marquez and Anton Kropp
Vocals Recorded at HQ
Mixed at 285 2L
Photographs - Alvin Charity, Doug Ticker




Thomas Collins Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Old Bay
the weather's perfect
a slight breeze
the sun is out
sandals on my feet
drinks in the cooler
a bushel in a pot
and finally the water's getting hot

chips are on the table
salsas there too
setting up is easy
when you have a brew
starting to get hungry
blue crabs turn red
people showing up
waiting to be fed

lay down the paper
dump out the crabs
we're finally ready
everything's up for grabs
breaking shells with mallets
pass the old bay
avoid dead men's fingers
and it'll be okay
cracking and hammering
now they're empty husks
the sun starts to set
soon it will be dusk
so we move inside
full of crab and beer
stay up all night
the best time of the year
Track Name: Neverending
in this crowded room
i feel alone
hating everyone
except for you
made it worth
getting out of bed

and i said to you i wish tonight was never ending
and you said to me you wish tonight was never ending
like a photograph we would be never ending
just frozen in time....never ending

i leave the house
and i get on my bike
as i get closer to home
the memory is fading
as hard as i try
to remember it
i eventually forget

i don't know what i am
i don't know what i will do
but i'm forgetting tonight
i'm forgetting you
Track Name: Bethany
staring off on the sand
our skin is tan
tastes like salt and sweat
as the sunsets

the crowd starts to thin
and my face starts to grin


both of us are sitting high
feeling relief from the worst of july
the time of the waves crash
coincides with our blunt's ash

starting off on the sand
our skin is tan
staring into your eyes
as the moon starts to rise
Track Name: Tuesday
that narrow stairwell
steep as a cliff
and when i get to the top
the sky opens up
i push my way through the crowd
straight to the bar
they know what i want
it's the same every week

on the roof drinking on tom collins
and i'm surrounded by all my friends

the sun beaming down
with a gentle wind
for a tuesday
it is a beauty
people on bikes
passing us by
hanging out all night
then we stumble home

Track Name: Each Passing Day
as time passes
anxiety rises
what once was sure
is now collapsing
and questions
surround me

i don't know
it's getting worse
feeling trapped
feeling cursed

it only gets harder
it only gets harder
with each passing day